Tarmac, the UK’s leading building materials supplier, will join forces with Sim Academy to send two of its trainees to an innovative simulated training scheme…


The organisation, which currently employs 6,000 people at over 400 locations across the UK, is working with the Academy to road test the new scheme before an official launch later in the year.

Sim Academy is offering simulated training exercises using its state-of-the-art machinery to achieve realistic and engaging experiences across the agriculture, construction and mining sectors.

The scheme negates the need for on-the-job training in dangerous industries, meaning that employees and machinery can remain in operation while new recruits are trained off-site.

The equipment can be adapted to simulate a range of industry machinery such as track excavators, wheel loaders, tower cranes and articulated hauliers, delivering a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to on-the-job training where one-on-one vehicle time can be limited.

Simulation training is already used in industries such as air travel and medicine.

Speaking of the new training scheme, Mr X, a spokesperson for Tarmac UK, said: “Bringing simulation into the construction industry is a really interesting concept, and we’re excited to be sending two of our trainees to experience the simulators first hand.

“Training new recruits on-site can be demanding – not only for our employees who have to take time out of their schedules, but for our existing fleet which has to be taken out of operation during training exercises.

“A simulated, off-site alternative is a great idea, and we’re excited about what this means for the future of training at Tarmac”.

Mick Gray, who is an experienced educational facilitator, will head the Sim Academy project.

With decades of experience working with organisations such as Caterpillar, UK Coal and managing his own training solutions firm, Competency Training Solutions, Mick will be able to offer his skills and expertise to trainees looking to meet the industry’s competency requirements.

Speaking of his new venture, Mick said: “I’ve always been interested in finding new ways to improve the safety and efficiency of training employees in using machinery, so simulation makes sense.

“It’s great to see businesses such as Tarmac take an interest in our brand new simulation training. We’ve already had a lot of enquiries regarding our open days, but we still have spaces available if you want to see what Sim Academy can do.”

Sim Academy is holding open days between 10th and the 14th of October to showcase its innovative training solutions. To find out more or to book a place, visit simacademy.co.uk.

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