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Talking Heads by Alan Bennett, Gala Theatre, Durham

Often hailed as one of Britain’s best playwrights, Alan Bennett penned Talking Heads for television back in the 1980s to critical acclaim. This month, you will be able to enjoy three of the original monologues in a live realm.

Of course, for many, ordinary life under Thatcherism could be bittersweet, tragic and darkly comic – and we can see this clearly in these stories. Performances will be repeated from 6 to 10 March.

The Hills are High, Oriental Museum, Durham

Think of South Korea and you might immediately think of its military prowess and smartphone industry. However, Durham’s Oriental Museum is currently holding an exhibition which provides a more in-depth view of life in the East Asian country.

This ongoing exhibition’s photographs, captured by curator Lauren Barnes, shed light on the political and cultural sides of South Korea, as well as many of its fascinating contrasts between tradition and technology, nature and urban development.

Lucy Worsley, Gala Theatre, Durham

Popular TV historian Lucy Worsley’s new biography of the Regency writer Jane Austen will hit bookstores in May 2018. However, people of the North East don’t have to wait that long to enjoy Dr Worsley’s storytelling about the Pride and Prejudice scribe…

The Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces will be dropping by the Gala Theatre on 19 March to tell us how Austen’s home affected her and provide an insight into her wit and passion.

Ed Byrne: Spoiler Alert, Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle

One of Ireland’s best-known comedy exports, Ed Byrne has long been proving the consistency of his comedy chops with his guest appearances on the hit BBC show Mock The Week. He also makes common appearances on the live comedy scene.

In this new show, he takes a simple idea – that the modern generation is relentlessly spoilt – and runs with it to sparkling effect. Spoiler alert: it’s a very funny show.

Easter Egg Making Workshop, Davenport’s Chocolates, Gateshead

You’ve probably already long seen an array of suspiciously egg-shaped chocolates in shops. However, even if you like to plan well ahead with buying Easter gifts, you could too easily end up with something rather soulless if you stick to shelling – ha! – out for mass-produced chocolate eggs.

At this workshop, you can mould your own chocolate egg shells and decorate them. The workshop runs from 11:30am until 1pm on 31 March and costs £35 per ticket.

Supergirl, Sky1

Now in its third season, this small-screen telling of the story of Supergirl will, on 26 March at 8pm, return to UK television sets after a mid-season break.

If you have yet to acquaint yourself with Superman’s female cousin, it’s not too late to change that. To many residents of National City, Kara Danvers may look like just an ordinary girl in her twenties. However, she is secretly Kara Zor-El, a daughter of Superman’s native planet, Krypton.

She also takes the heroic guise of Supergirl, National City’s protector. Episodes of Supergirl tend to hit UK screens pretty soon after being aired on US shores; therefore, you are unlikely to have to fret about online spoilers. However, long-term fans of the series should know what to expect – and that’s a slice of thrilling action mixed with more down-to-earth drama.

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