We certainly live in a stunning part of the country; County Durham has no shortage of rural beauty and awesome architecture, and that’s before we even stop to consider that the area is sandwiched between Tyneside and Yorkshire, which have plenty of great attractions of their own.

However, what you might not have so readily realised is that getting around such places can be much more hassle-free on a bike. Here are some especially good reasons to take up cycling…

It’s a route! Where you can cycle in County Durham

Key to the appeal of cycling in County Durham is the wide choice of routes that you can take while on your bike. Although we don’t have the space to list them all here, we would eagerly single out the 100-mile Teesdale Way – along the River Tees from source to sea – and Link up the Loops, a largely off-road route running for 25 miles between Consett and Chester-le-Street.

If you fancy cycling beyond our county’s borders, we also recommend the C2C Cycle Route, so-called as it can take you from “sea to sea” – from Whitehaven or Workington on the Cumbrian coast, right through to Sunderland on the eastern coast. This is one of the UK’s most popular cycle routes.

Smash fit: get into better shape by cycling

You can also squeeze cycling into more routine aspects of your life, like getting to and from work – and to say that it can make you fitter would be putting it mildly.

In the United States, the National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Foundation says that cycling regularly can give you the fitness level of a person a decade younger.

Don’t skip a proper equip: useful items for cycling

Obviously, before you can start cycling, you will need a bike. Any good working one will suffice for short journeys; however, if you want to use an old or second-hand bike, consider getting it serviced for roadworthiness first. You will also need a helmet for your own safety.

You could also invest in some good padded shorts to prevent an aching backside, while you can protect your eyes from bugs and stones if you wear sports glasses while riding.

Gym, be the best: if you can’t cycle outdoors

There might be occasions when you don’t want to cycle outdoors; for example, because the weather looks too brutal. However, gym classes of various forms can benefit cyclists.

Those forms include spinning, where you would cycle on fixed gear bikes. You also shouldn’t rule out traditional boxing exercises; they can exercise the upper body that can be neglected during cycling.

York in the road: eagerly anticipating the Tour de Yorkshire

Do you love watching others cycling? This year’s Tour de Yorkshire runs from Thursday 3rd May until Sunday 6th May. While this cycling race competition only started in 2015, last year’s event drew an estimated 9.7 million broadcast viewers, while more than 2 million spectators lined the route. Leeds, Scarborough, Doncaster and Barnsley are among the places the cyclists will visit this year.

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